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Currently, bariatric and metabolic surgery (BMS) is the treatment of choice for severe obesity as it is the only proven method of intervention for significant weight reduction and long term maintenance.

In addition, BMS provide a resolution or improvement of diabetes in 85%; of arterial hypertension in 70%; dyslipidemia 85%; fatty liver by 90%; and sleep apnea by 95%.

68 to 85% excess weight loss and Prevent or resolve existing obesity-related diseases

(Like Diabetes, hypertension, sleep apnea and others)

Improve your health, quality and expectancy of life

More than 7.000 bariatric surgeries done.

(Sleeve, gastric bypass, mini gastric bypass, revision)

Center of excellence in bariatric surgery and Hospital accredited by JCI

Hospital Universitario Austral

Affordable pricing in Buenos Aires and enjoy the Paris of South America.

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